Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Semester to Semester

Though we welcome all applicants, through the years we have found that many of our tenants have been BYU-Idaho students. Due to the cyclic nature of the local rental market, we have chosen to adopt semester-to-semester leases. A year lease actually coincides with three BYU-Idaho semesters, rather than 365 days. In other words, if you sign a "year lease" on the first day of the Winter semester 2013, the term of the lease ends on the last day of the Fall semester 2013. We offer multiple options for leases and most leases are transferrable (in other words you can "sell your contract" if your plans change)--Hey, life happens! In the 9 years we have owned the duplex, we have never had trouble filling either apartment; it has never been empty. It's not a hard contract to sell if necessary. We prorate the first and last month of the contract when you take advantage of and complete the semester-to-semester term, so you're not stuck with partial rent for a month you weren't even there living in the house. For more details, call or email and ask for a copy of our contract.

Automatic Bank Transfer

We offer a discount for tenants willing to set up an automatic electronic monthly transfer from their bank to ours. We also accept automated Paypal payments + the cost of the retrieval fee. We also will accept equivalent automatic biweekly payments (i.e. direct deposit) that coincide with your biweekly paycheck for easier budgeting. If the tenant takes advantage of this opportunity, they qualify for a $10/month discount. That's an easy $120 savings on the entire lease. No more setting a reminder on your phone for the first of every month to pay rent: done! Every tenant so far has chosen to do this to make their life both simpler and more affordable.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Updated exterior paint job! Vinyl windows are only about 3 years old and energy efficient. Basement apartment has a private entrance (as shown) with separate mail box, doorbell and parking space.


I believe I couned 17 cupboards in the kitchen. There is a food disposal in the sink and a working installed dishwasher and brand new stainless steel installed microwave. The current refrigerator has more cubic foot space than the one pictured here. The kitchen is quite sizeable and well-lit. There is extra freezer space in the utility room (not pictured).


Carpets are relatively new, plush and light in color, helping to minimize that "basement feel"

Here are pictures of the inside of the apartment

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Application (process and fees)

The application process checks up on your 1. rental history, 2. criminal background and 3. income and major expenses. As a rule of thumb, your housing costs should not exceed 65% of your income. As part of your income, if you use scholarships or grants, proof of those amounts and frequency will also be required as well as proof of job income.

We charge a $50 application fee. $25 of this is refundable if our staff finds something in your check-up that discourages us from accepting your application. The retained $25 is for their trouble in making the phone calls. If you are a qualified candidate, but we have chosen another candidate, you will get a full refund of your $50. If you are the selected candidate, your $50 will go towards your full apartment deposit (see "deposit" post link from 7/7/10). If you apply and for some reason withdraw your application, we cannot refund your application fee as it is meant to discourage less serious and less qualified apartment seekers.

To request an application, email or and an application will be emailed to you. You can print it, fill it out, sign it, and mail it with a check for the application fee to

Brad Neibaur
243 North 2nd West
Rigby, Idaho

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The deposit is $410. Of this amount, $210 is fully refundable. The can be broken down as follows:

Partially refundable:
Utility deposit: $120 (for final month's utilities)

Carpet: $80

Cleaning deposit: $70 (refundable if apartment cleaned to specifications)

Damage deposit: $125

Key deposit: $15